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Find Experts - Experts by Name

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Imholz, Betty

Aaron, Henry, Senior Fellow

Abernethy, David, Senior Policy Advisor

Abrams, Melinda, Vice President, Patient-Centered Coordinated Care

    The Commonwealth Fund, (212) 606-3800

Aday, Lu Ann, Lorn Baine Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Public Health and Medicine

Adler, Nancy, Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Psychiatry

Adler-Milstein, Julie, Assistant Professor of Information

Aguilu, Eduardo, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Latin American Health Institute, (617) 350-6900

Alden, Errol, Executive Director

Alecxih, Lisa, Vice President

    The Lewin Group, (703) 269-5500

Alker, Joan, Senior Researcher

    Center for Children and Families,Georgetown University, (202) 784-4075

Allen, Mary Lee, Director, Child Welfare and Mental Health Division

    Children's Defense Fund, (202) 628-8787

Allison, Andy, Director

Altman, Drew, President and CEO

    Kaiser Family Foundation, (650) 854-9400

Altman, Stuart, Professor of National Health Policy

Anderson, Gerard, Director

    Center for Health Finance and Management,Johns Hopkins University, (410) 955-3241

Anderson, Norman, Chief Executive Officer

    American Psychological Association, (202) 336-5500

Angst, Wendy, General Manager

    Cap Med, (877) 227-6336

Anthony, Robert, Health Insurance Specialist

Antos, Joseph, Wilson H. Taylor Scholar in Health Care and Retirement Policy

Archer, Diane, Founder and Special Counsel

    Medicare Rights Center, (212) 869-3850

Ario, Joel, Managing Director

Ashenden, Peter, President and CEO

Ashkenaz, Peter, Director of Content and Media

Audet, Anne-Marie, Senior Program Officer

Bae, Deborah, senior program officer

Bagian, James, Director

    National Center for Patient Safety, Department of Veterans Affairs, (734) 930-5890,

Baicker, Katherine, Professor of health economics

    Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard University School of Public Health, (617) 432-5209

Bailey, Chris, senior vice president

Baker, Joe, President

Barbera, Joseph, Associate Professor of Engineering Management

    George Washington University, (202) 994-8424

Barnes, Kelly, US health industries Leader

Barr, Michael, Vice President for Practice Advocacy and Improvement

Barrand, Nancy, senior advisor for program development

Barrueta, Anthony, Vice President

Bascetta, Cynthia, Managing Director

Bates, David, Medical Director of Clinical and Quality Analysis, Information Systems

Baylor, Norman, Director

Beal, Anne, Chief Paitient Officer


Beall, Jack, Director

    National Disaster Medical System, Department of Health and Human Services, (202) 646-4315

Bella, Melanie, Director of the Federal Coordinated Health Care Office

Benjamin, Georges, Executive Director

    American Public Health Association, (202) 777-2501

Bentley, James, Health Policy Consultant

Berenson, Robert, Senior Fellow

    Urban Institute, (202) 833-7200

Bernstein, Robert, President and CEO

Berry, Kate, CEO

Bertko, John, Director of Special Initiatives and Pricing

Berwick, Don, Fellow

Besharov, Douglas, Joseph J. and Violet Jacobs Scholar in Social Welfare Studies

    American Enterprise Institute, (202) 862-5800

Betancourt, Joseph, Director, The Disparities Solutions Center

Biddinger, Paul, Chief, division of emergency preparedness

Biles, Brian, Professor

    Department of Health Policy, George Washington University, (202) 416-0066,

Binder, Leah, President and CEO

    The Leapfrog Group, (202) 292-6713

Bisognano, Maureen, President and CEO

Blair, Hunt, principal advisor on state HIT-enabled care transformation

    Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, (202) 205-7938,

Blendon, Robert, professor of health policy and political analysis

    Harvard School of Public Health, (617) 432-4502

Blewett, Lynn, Founding Director

    State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) , University of Minnesota, (612) 624-4802,

Blitzstein, David, special assistant for multiemployer plans

    United Food & Commercial Workers Union, (202) 466-1519

Bloche, Gregg, Professor of Law

    Georgetown Law Center, (202) 662-9123

Block, Abby, Executive Advisor

Bloom, Shawn, president and CEO

    National PACE Association, (703) 535-1565

Blum, Jonathan, Deputy Administrator and Director

Blumberg, Linda, Principal Research Associate

    Urban Institute, (202) 261-5769

Blumenthal, David, President

Bocchino, Carmella, Senior Vice President

    Clinical Affairs and Strategic Planning, America's Health Insurance Plans, (202) 778-3200,

Bordenick, Jennifer, CEO

Boress, Larry, President and CEO

    Midwest Business Group on Health, (312) 372-9090

Boufford, Jo Ivey, Professor of Health Policy and Public Service

    New York University, (212) 998-7410

Bradley, Tom, Unit Chief

    Health Systems and Medicare Cost Estimates Unit, Congressional Budget Office, (202) 226-9010

Branzell, Russ, President and CEO

Braveman, Paula, professor of family and community medicine, director of the Center on Social Disparities in Health

Bray, James H., President

    American Psychological Association, (202) 336-6074

Bronheim, Suzanne, Senior Policy Analyst

    National Center for Cultural Competence, (202) 687-8914

Brown, Joshua, Senior Manager

    Public Policy & Government Relations, Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs, (202) 775-0436,

Brown, Randall, Vice President and Director of Health Research

    Mathematica Policy Research, (609) 799-3535

Buck, Jeff, Branch Chief

    Survey Analysis, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (240) 276-1757

Buerhaus, Peter, Senior Associate Dean for Research

    School of Nursing, VanderbiltUniversity, (615) 936-8322

Burnam, Audrey, Director

    Center for Research on Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health - RAND Corporation, 310-393-0411 ext. 6370

Bussel, Jamie, program officer

Butler, Stuart, Distinguished Fellow and Director, Center for Policy Innovation

Cafaro, Capri, Elected Official of Ohio

Califano, Joe, Chairman

Cannon, Michael, Director of Health Policy Studies

Capistrant, Gary, Senior Director of Public Policy

Carlson, Eric, Attorney

    National Senior Citizens Law Center, 213-639-0930 ext.313

Carlucci, David, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    IMS Health, (203) 845-5200

Carter-Pokras, Olivia, Professor

    Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, (410) 706-0463

Casalino, Larry, Chief

Cassel, Christine, President and CEO

Cavanaugh, Sean, deputy director for programs and policy

Chandra, Dave, senior policy analyst

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, (202) 408-1080

Chang, Debbie, Senior VP and Executive Director

Chassin, Mark, President

    The Joint Commission, (630) 792-5650

Chaulk, Patrick, Senior Associate

    Annie E. Casey Foundation, (410) 547-6600

Chernew, Michael, Professor of Health Care Policy

Chernof, Bruce, Chief Executive Officer

Chesley, Francis, Director

    Office of Extramural Research,Education, and Priority Population - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (301) 427-1449

Chin, Marshall, Richard Parrillo Family Professor of Medicine

Chockley, Nancy, President

Chollet, Deborah, Senior Fellow

Choudhri, Anshu

Clancy, Carolyn, Assistant Deputy USH for Quality, Safety and Value (10A4), Veterans Health Administration

    Department of Veterans Affairs, (202) 461-0370

Classen, David, Chief Medical Information Officer

Claxton, Gary, Vice President/Director

    Health Care Marketplace Project,Kaiser Family Foundation, (202) 347-5270,

Cohen, Alan, Executive Director

    Health Policy Institute, Boston University, (617) 353-9222,

Cohen, Howard, Attorney

Cohen, Mark, Vice President

    LifePlans, Inc, (781) 893-7600

Cohen-Ross, Donna, Director of Outreach

Colby, David, Vice President of Public Policy

Collender, Stan, National Director of Financial Communications

    Qorvis Communications, (202) 496-1300

Collins, Janet, Director

    National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (770) 488-5401,

Collins, Sara, Vice President

Condeluci, Christopher, Counsel

    Venable, (202) 344-4231

Connolly, Ceci, Managing Director

    Health Research Institute, Price Waterhouse Coopers, (202) 312-7910

Connolly, Jerome, Senior Representative

    Government Relations, American Academy of Family Physicians, (202) 232-9033,

Cook, Jennifer, Health Policy and Legislative Analyst

    National Association of Insurance Commissioners, (202) 471-3990,

Corlette, Sabrina, Research Professor

Cosgrove, James, Director

Covall, Mark, President and CEO

    National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems, 202-393-6700x100,

Crippen, Dan, Executive Director

    National Governors Association, (202) 624-5300

Croghan, Thomas, Senior Fellow

    Mathematica Policy Research, (202) 554-7532

Crosse, Marcia, Director

    Health Care, Government Accountability Office, (202) 512-3407,

Crosson, Jay, vice president of professional satisfaction

Curtis, Richard, President

Cutler, David, Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics

    Harvard University, (617) 496-5216

Daniel, Jodi, Director

    Office of Policy and Planning, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, (202) 401-5191,

Darling, Helen, President

Daus, Gem, Policy Director

    Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, (202) 466-7772

Davenport, Karen, Director of Health Policy

Davis, Karen, Director

    Roger C. Lipitz Center for Integrated Care, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, (410) 502-6082,

Dawson, Steven, President

Day, Carol Brunson, President

    National Black Child Development Institute, (202) 833-2220,

Day, Stephen, Executive Director

    Technical Assistance Collaborative, (617) 266-5657

De Brantes, Francois, National Coordinator

    Bridges to Excellence, (203) 270-2906

Decker, Curtis, Executive Director

Dennett, Paul, senior vice president of health policy

    American Benefits Council, (202) 289-6700

Dentzer, Susan, Senior Policy Advisor

Detmer, Don, Medical Director

Diamond, Carol, Managing Director

    Health Program, Markle Foundation, (212) 713-7627

Diamond, Louis, VP and Medical Director

    Thomson Medstat, (202) 719-7800

Dicken, John, Director

    Health Care, Government Accountability Office, (202) 512-7043,

Dickey, Nancy, President

Dickson, Pam, Associate Vice President

Dorn, Stan, Senior Research Associate

    Urban Institute, (202) 833-7200

Doty, Michelle, Assistant Vice President and Director of Survey Research

Douglas, Jennifer, Assistant Research Scientist

    LTC Research, LIMRA International, (860) 688-3358

Downs, Stephen, Deputy Group Director

Druss, Benjamin, Rosalynn Carter Chair in Mental Health

    Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, (404) 712-9602,

Durenberger, David, Chairman

    The National Institute of Health Policy, (651) 962-4630

Edelman, Marian Wright, President

    Children's Defense Fund, (202) 628-8787

Edwards, Barbara, Director

Eisenberg, Floyd, President

Emmet, William, Program Director

England, Mary Jane, Chair - Ad Interim

    Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University, (617) 638-5160,

Escarce, Jose, professor of medicine and health policy and management

Etheredge, Lynn, Consultant

    Health Insurance Reform Project - George Washington University, (301) 654-4185

Fahey, Charles, Program Officer

    Milbank Memorial Fund, (718) 817-5356

Falcon, Adolph, Vice President for Science and Policy

    National Alliance for Hispanic Health, (202) 387-5000

Fauci, Anthony, Director

    National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases, National Institutes of Health, (301) 496-2263,

Feder, Judy, Professor

    Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University, (202) 687-8397

Feinstein, Karen, President and CEO

    Jewish Healthcare Foundation; Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative; Health Careers Futures, (412) 594-2550,

Feldman, Larry, vice president for strategic nursing initiatives

    Genesis Health Care, (610) 925-4169

Filipic, Anne, President

    Enroll America, (202) 737-6340

Finan, Steve, Senior Director of Public Policy

    American Cancer Society, (202) 661-5700

Fineberg, Harvey, President

Firman, James, President and CEO

Fischer, Julie, Senior Associate

    Chemical & Biological Weapons Nonproliferation, Stimson Center, (202) 223-5956,

Fisher, Barbara Loe, Co-Founder and President

    National Vaccine Information Center, (703) 938-3783

Fisher, Elliot, Director

Fishman, Len, President and CEO

Fishman, Nancy, Senior Program Officer

Fish-Parcham, Cheryl, Deputy Director of Health Policy

Fleshner, Irene, Vice President for Strategic Nursing Initiatives

Flowers, Lynda, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Ford, Marty, Chairman

    Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, (202) 783-2229

Foster, William H., President and CEO

    National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, (212) 269-7797 Ext. 17,

Fowler, Elizabeth, Vice President, Global Health Policy

Fox, Alissa, Senior Vice President

    Office of Policy and Representation,Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, (202) 626-8681,

Frank, Richard, Deputy Assistant Secretary

    Office of Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Policy,Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), (202) 690-5762,

Fridsma, Doug, Director, Office of Science and Technology

    Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, (202) 205-4408,

Frieden, Lex, Senior Vice President

Frieden, Tom, Director

Friedland, Robert, Associate Professor

    School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown University, (202) 687-1287

Frisse, Mark, Director of Regional Initiatives

    Center for Better Health, Vanderbilt University, (615) 343-1528

Friss-Feinberg, Lynn, Deputy Director

Frizzera, Charlene, senior advisor

Fronstin, Paul, Director

    Health Research Program,Employee Benefit Research Institute, (202) 775-6352,

Frye, Judith, Director

Fuchs, Mary Ann, Chief Nursing and Patient Care Services Officer

Gabel, Jon, Senior Fellow

Gallant, Lewis, Executive Director

    National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors, (202) 293-0090,

Ganz, Mark, President

Gauthier, Anne, Senior Fellow

Gawande, Atul, Professor of Surgery

    Harvard Medical School; professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health, 617/732-6830

Gellin, Bruce, Director,National Vaccine Program Office and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health

Geyman, John, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine

Gilchrist, Alfred, CEO

Giliberti, Mary, Executive Director

    National Alliance on Mental Illness, (703) 524-7600

Ginsburg, Paul, President

Glaser, John, CEO of health services

Gleckman, Howard, Resident Fellow

Glied, Sherry, Dean

Glover, Robert, Executive Director

Gold, Marsha, Senior Fellow Emeritus

Gold, Marthe, Logan Professor

Goldberg, Lee, Director of Health Policy

Goldman, Dana, Leonard D. Schaeffer Director’s Chair

Goldman, Howard, Professor of Psychiatry

    Director of Mental Health Policy Studies, School of Medicine - University of Maryland, (301) 983-1671

Gonzalez, Rose, Director

    Department of Government Affairs, American Nurses Association, (301) 628-5000

Goodman, John, President

Gorham, Millicent, Executive Director

Gostin, Lawrence, Associate Dean

    Law Center, Georgetown University, (202) 662-9373

Gottlich, Vicki, Senior Policy Attorney

    Center for Medicare Advocacy, 202-293-5760x103

Gracia, Cara, Director, Office of Minority Health

    Centers for Medicare &Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services, (410) 786-6842,

Graham, Brett, Partner

    Leavitt Partners, (801) 538-5082

Graham, Garth, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health

Graham, Robert, Director

    Aligning Forces for Quality, George Washington University, (513) 558-5004,

Grant, Robyn, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

Grealy, Mary, President

Greenberg, Pamela, President and CEO

Greenstein, Robert, Founder and Executive Director

Greenwood, Robert, Vice President of Public Affairs

    National PACE Association, (703) 535-1522

Gruber, Jonathan, Professor of Economics

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (617) 253-8892

Gustafson, David, Director

Guterman, Stuart, Vice President for Medicine and Cost Control

Guyer, Jocelyn, Co-Exectuive Director

    Center for Children and Families, GeorgetownUniversity, (202) 784-4077

Hackbarth, Glenn, Chairman

Hagen, Stuart, Principal Analyst

    Health and Human Resources Division, Congressional Budget Office, (202) 225-2644

Haislmaier, Edmund, Research Fellow

    The Heritage Foundation, (202) 546-4400

Halamandaris, Val, President

    National Association for Homecare and Hospice, (202) 547-7424

Halamka, John, Chief Information Officer

Handley, Matt, Associate Medical Director

    Strategic Services and Quality, Group Health Cooperative, (206) 448-6135

Hash, Michael, Director

    HHS Office of Health Reform, (202) 205-1424

Hasnain-Wynia, Romana, Vice President - Research

    Health Research and Educational Trust, (312) 422-2643

Hassmiller, Susan B., Senior Adviser for Nursing

Hawes, Catherine, Director

    Program on Aging and Long-Term Care Policy, School of Rural Public Health - Texas A&M University System Health Science Center, (979) 458-0081,

Hawkins, Dan, Vice President - Federal, State, and Public Affairs

Haydar, Ziad, senior vice president and chief medical officer

Hays, Antoinette, Dean

Haywood, Trent, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (410) 786-1034

Hearne, Jean, Specialist in Social Legislation

    Congressional Research Service, (202) 707-7362

Hedt, Alice, Longterm Care Ombudsman

Heffler, Stephen, Director

    Office of the Actuary, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (410) 786-1211

Hellander, Ida, Executive Director

    Physicians for a National Health Program, (312) 782-6006,

Helms, Robert, Resident Scholar

Helms, W. David, President and Chief Executive Officer

    LMI Government Consulting - Center for Health Reform, (703) 917-7264

Hernández-Cancio, Sinsi, health equity director

Herrick, Devon, Senior Fellow

Hess, Catherine, Managing Director for Coverage and Access

Hill, Ian, Senior Research Associate

    Health Policy Center, Urban Institute, (202) 833-7200

Hill, Martha, Dean

    School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University, (410) 955-7544

Himmelstein, David, City University of New York

Hinman, Alan, Senior Public Health Scientist

    Public Health Informatics Institute, (404) 687-5636

Hinton-Hoytt, Eleanor, President and Chief Executive Officer

Hitov, Steven, Managing Attorney

Hoagland, William, Senior Vice President

Hodin, Renée, Program Director

Holahan, John, Institute Fellow, Health Policy Research

    Urban Institute, (202) 261-5666

Holland, Patrick, Director, Boston Office

    Wakely Consulting, (617) 939-2002

Holt, Matthew, Co-Founder

Howard, Heather, Director of the State Health Reform Assistance Network

    Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, (609) 258-9709,

Hripsack, George, Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Huang, Larke, Director of the Office of Behavioral Health Equity

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, (240) 276-2000,

Hunter, Angela, Director of Federal Affairs

Hyde, Pamela, Administrator

Hyman, Andrew, Team Director and Senior Program Officer

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, (608) 627-5764

Ignagni, Karen, President and CEO

Ilem, Joy, Assistant National Legislative Director

Insel, Thomas, Director

    National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, (301) 443-3673,

Ireys, Henry, Senior Researcher

    Mathematica Policy Research, (202) 554-7536

James-Brown, Christine, President and CEO

    Child Welfare League of America, (703) 412-2400

Jarris, Paul, Executive Director

    Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, (202) 371-9090

Jennings, Chris, President

    Jennings Policy Strategies, (202) 879-9344

Jeste, M.D., Dilip V., President

    American Psychiatric Association, (703) 907-8640

Jha, Ashish, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management

    School of Public Health, Harvard University, (617) 432-5551

Johnson, Joyce, Senior Vice President Operations

     Georgetown University Medical Center, (202) 444-2673

Jones, Judith Miller, Director

Jost, Timothy, Professor of Law

    Washington and Lee University School of Law, (540) 548-8510,

Kahn, Charles, President and CEO

Kahn, Jessica, Director, Division of State Systems

Kanof, Marjorie, Managing Director

    Health Care, Government Accountability Office, (202) 512-7114

Karp, Sam, Vice President of Programs

Katz, Ruth, Director of the Health, Medicine and Society (HMS) Program

    Aspen Institute, (202) 736-5800

Kawata, Paul Akio, Executive Director

    National Minority AIDS Council, (202) 483-6622

Kaye, Neva, Senior Program Director

Keehan, Sister Carol, President

    Catholic Health Association of the U.S., (202) 296-3993

Kellerman, Arthur, Dean

    F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine, Uniformed ServicesUniversity of the Health Sciences, (301) 296-3578

Kemper, Peter, deputy assistant secretary for disability, aging, and long-term care,

    Department of Health and Human Services, (202) 690-6443

Kennedy, Mary, Director of Medicare

Kenney, Genevieve, Principal Research Associate

    Urban Institute, (202) 833-7200

Kessler, Ronald, Professor of Health Care Policy

    Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, (617) 432-3587

Kibbe, David, Senior Advisor

King, Kathleen, Director

    Healthcare, Government Accountability Office, (202) 512-5154,

Kingsdale, Jon, Director

Kofman, Mila, Exwcutive Director

    DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, (202) 715-7576,

Koh, Howard, assistant secretary for health

Koplan, Jeffrey, Vice President for Global Health and Director of Emory Global Health Institute

Koren, Mary Jane, Vice President

Koyanagi, Chris, Policy Director

Krause, Jean, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

Kremer, Michael, Gates Professor of Developing Societies

    Harvard University, (617) 495-9145

Krol, David, Team Director and Senior Program Officer

Kronick, Richard, Director

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (301) 427-1244

Kuehnert, Paul, Director, public health team

Kurtz, Patricia, Director of Federal Relations

    The Joint Commission, (202) 783-6655

Ladden, Maryjoan, Senior Program Officer

Lansky, David, President and CEO

Larkin, Michelle, assistant vice president and deputy director, health group

Larson, Pamela, Executive Director

    National Academy of Social Insurance, (202) 452-8097

Lasowski, Bill, Deputy Director

    Center for Medicaid and State Operations, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (410) 786-2003

Laszewski, Robert, President

    Health Policy and Strategy Associates, (703) 727-9517

Lavizzo-Mourey, Risa, President and CEO

Lawrence, Laura, Chief of the FSA

    Life and Long Term Care Insurances Group, Office of Personnel Management, (202) 606-1413,

Lazarus, Wendy, Founder and Co-President

    The Children's Partnership, (310) 260-1220

Leary, Thomas, Vice President of Government Relations

Leatherman, Sheila, Research Professor

    Health Policy and Administration, University of North Carolina School of Public Health, (919) 966-3215,

Lehmann, Christopher, Professor of Pediatrics and Biomedical Informatics

Lemieux, Jeff, Senior Vice President

    Center for Policy and Research, America's Health Insurance Plans, (202) 778-3200,

Levi, Jeffrey, Executive Director

    Trust for America's Health, (202) 223-9870

Levin, Arthur Aaron, Director

Levin, Saul, CEO and Medical Director

Levitt, Larry, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Kaiser Initiative on Health Reform and Private Insurance

    Kaiser Family Foundation, (650) 854-9400

Lewit, Gene, (No Longer) Senior Program Manager

    The Packard Foundation, (650) 948-7658

Li, Ting-Kai, Director

    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institutes of Health, (301) 443-3885

Libbey, Patrick, Executive Director

    National Association of County and City Health Officials, (202) 783-5550

Liburd, Leandris, Director, Office of Minority Health and Health Equity

Lieberman, Steve, President

Lillie-Blanton, Marsha, Director of the Division of Quality, Evaluation & Health Outcomes

Lind, Keith, Senior Policy Advisor

    AARP, (202) 434-3845

Lindstrom, Wayne, president and CEO

Linkous, Johnathan, CEO

Lister, Sarah, Expert in Public Health and Epidemiology

Lohse, Gwendolyn, Project Director for Administrative Simplification Initiatives

    Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, (202) 861-1492,

Luber, George, associate director for climate change, Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects, CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health

Lueck, Sarah, senior policy analyst

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, (202) 408-1080

Lumpkin, John, Senior Vice President and Director

Lurie, Nicole, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (202) 205-2882,

Lyons, Barbara, Senior Vice President & Executive Director Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured

Maass, Stacie, Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Practice and Government Affairs

Madyun, Atiba, Division Director

    National Black Caucus of State Legislators, (202) 624-5457,

Mahoney, Katie, executive director of health policy

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce, (202) 463-5825

Malmon, Alison, executive director

Manderscheid, Ronald, Executive Director, National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors; Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

    National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, (202) 942-4296,

Mann, Cindy, Deputy Administrator/Director

Marchibroda, Janet, Director of Health Innovation Initiative

Mark, Tami, Associate Director

    Outcomes Research, Thomson Medstat, (301) 214-2211

Markel, Howard, Director

    Center for the History of Medicine, University of Michigan, (734) 647-6914

Marks, James, Senior Vice President and Director, Health Group

Markus, Anne, Associate Research Professor

    George Washington University, (202) 530-2339

Marone, Barbara, Federal Affairs Director

    American College of Emergency Physicians, 202-728-0610 ext. 3017

Martin, Greg, Analyst

    State Government Relations, American Academy of Family Physicians, (202) 232-9033,

Martin, Robyn, Senior Policy Analyst

Martinez-Vidal, Enrique, Vice President for State Policy and Technical Assistance

Martone, Kevin, Executive Director

Mayfield, Steve, Senior Vice President and Director

McAndrews, Lawrence, President and CEO

    National Association of Children's Hospitals, (703) 684-1355

McArdle, Frank, Principal

McCanne, Don, Senior Health Policy Fellow

McCarthy, Douglas, President

    Issues Research, Inc., (970) 259-7961

McCarthy, John, Director

McClellan, Mark, senior fellow and director of the Health Care Innovation and Value

McConnell, Stephen, Country Director of the United States

McDaid, Carol, Principal

McDonough, John, professor of the practice of public health and director of the Center for Public Health Leadership

    Harvard School of Public Health, (617) 432-2212

McFarlane, William, director, Early Detection for the Prevention of Psychosis National Program Office

McGlynn, Elizabeth, Director of the Center for Effectiveness and Safety Research

McGraw, Deven, Director of the Health Privacy Project

    Center for Democracy and Technology, (202) 637-9800 x133,

McGuiness, Jeff, CEO

McLaughlin, Catherine, Director of Health Research

McLellan, Thomas, Executive Director

McManus, Margaret, Co-Director of Maternal and Child Health Policy Group

McNeil, Elizabeth, Vice President

Mechanic, David, Rene Dubos University Professor of Behavioral Sciences

Mechanic, Robert, senior fellow

    Heller School of Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, (781) 736-3969,

Meiners, Mark, Director

    Center for Health Policy Research, George Mason University, (703) 993-1909,

Mendelson, Dan, Founder and CEO

Meyer, Jack, Principal

Meyers, Nicholas, Director: Government Relations

Middleton, Blackford, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs; Professor of Biomedical Informatics, and of Medicine at Vanderbilt University

Millenson, Michael, President

    Health Quality Advisors, LLC, (847) 432-2627

Miller, Harold, President and CEO

Miller, Mark, Executive Director

Miller, Michael, Director of Strategic Policy

    Community Catalyst, (617) 338-6035

Miller, Tom, Resident Fellow

Milligan, Charles, Director

Minnix, Larry, President and CEO

Mitchel, Jason, Director, Center for Health IT

Mitchell, Alicia, Vice President

    Media Relations, American Hospital Association, (202) 626-2339

Mitchell, Faith, President and CEO

Moffit, Robert, Director

    Center for Health Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation, (202) 546-4400

Moon, Marilyn, Vice President and Director of the Health Program

Moore, Judy, Co-Director

    National Health Policy Forum, (202) 872-0292

Moore, Kent, Senior Strategist, Physican Payment

    American Academy of Family Physicians, (800) 274-2237, ext. 4170,

Mor, Vincent, Chair

Morrison, Rob, Director, Behavioral Health

Morrison, Stephen, Executive Director

    HIV/AIDS Task Force and Director, Africa Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, (202) 775-3276

Moss, Regina, associate executive director of public health policy and practice

Mostashari, Farzad, Visiting Fellow

    Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at the Brookings Institution, (202) 797-6465

Murray, Meg, Chief Executive Officer

Musumeci, Mary-Beth, Associate Director for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured

    Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, (202) 347-5270

Myers, Jeff, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Medicaid Health Plans of America, (202) 857-5720

Myers, Matt, President and CEO

    Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, (202) 296-5469

Nabel, Gary, Director

    Vaccine Research Center,National Institutes of Health, (301) 496-1852

Naylor, Mary, Marian S. Ware Professor in Gerontology and director

    New Courtland Center for Transitions and Health, University of Pennsylvania, (215) 898-6088

Needleman, Jack, Associate Professor

    UCLA School of Public Health, (310) 267-2706

Nelson, Allen, Special Advisor to the CEO

Nelson, Charles, Assistant Division Chief

Nelson, Lyle

    Health and Human Resources Division, Congressional Budget Office, (202) 226-2602,

Nemore, Patricia, Attorney

Ness, Debra, President

Ness, Ralph, President and CEO

    Generic Pharmaceutical Association, (703) 647-2490

Neuberger, Neal, Executive Director

Neuman, Tricia, Senior Vice President of the KFF and Director of the KCMU

Newhouse, Joseph, John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management

Nexon, David, Senior Executive Vice President

    AdvaMed, (202) 783-8700

Nichols, Len, Professor and Director

    Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics - George Mason University, (703) 993-1978,

Noyes, Jackie, Associate Executive Director

Nussbaum, Samuel, executive vice president and chief medical officer

Nuzum, Rachel, Vice President for Federal and State Health Policy

O’Kane, Margaret, President

    National Committee for Quality Assurance, (202) 955-5100

O’Shaughnessy, Carol, Principal Policy Analyst

O'Neil, Edward, Director

Orszag, Peter, Vice Chairman

Osborn, Robin, Vice President and Director

    International Program in Health Policy and Practice, The Commonwealth Fund, (212) 606-3800,

O'Shaughnessy, Carol, Principal Policy Analyst

Osher, Fred, Director, Behavioral Health

    Council of State Governments Justice Center, (859) 244-8000,

Osterholm, Mike, Director

    Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy,University of Minnesota, (612) 626-6770,

O'Toole, Tara, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Overhage, Marc, chief medical informatics officer

Owcharenko, Nina, Director, Center for Health Policy Studies

Painter, Michael, Senior Program Officer

Park, Edwin, vice president for health policy

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, (510) 524-8033,

Parkinson, Mark, President and CEO

Partridge, Lee, Health Policy Advisor

Patel, Bakul, Policy Advisor

Patel, Kavita, Managing Director

    Clinical Transformation and Delivery, The Brookings Institution, (202) 797-2475,

Pattison, Scott, Executive Director

    National Association of State Budget Officers, (202) 624-8804

Perkins, Jane, Legal Director

    National Health Law Program, 919-968-6308 ext.102

Phillips, Sally, Director

Piechowski, Rod, Vice President

    Technology Leadership, National Alliance for Health Information Technology, (202) 898-6370

Pinakiewicz, Diane, President

    National Patient Safety Foundation, (413) 663-8900

Piper, Kip, President

Pollack, Ron, Executive Director

    Families USA, (202) 626-4625

Pollitz, Karen, Senior Fellow

Power, A. Kathryn, Director

    Center for Mental Health Services,Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (240) 276-1937,

Price, Anne

Price, Richard, Director of Grassroots and Communications

    Hart Health Strategies, (202) 783-2229

Prindiville, Kevin, Executive Director

    National Senior Citizens Law Center, 510/663-1055, x307

Proctor, Dwayne, team director and senior program officer

Pryor, David, executive vice president,

    Ascension Health, (314) 496-7875

Puckrein, Gary, Founder and President

    National Minority Quality Forum, (202) 223-7560

Puskin, Dena, Director of the Division of Policy and Market Analysis

Quinn, Brian, Assistant Vice President, Research-Evaluation-Learning

Reagan, Margaret, Corporate Vice President

Redfoot, Donald,  Senior Policy Advisor

Redhead, C. Stephen, Specialist in Health Policy

Reed, Charles, Consultant

Reider, Jacob, Director, Office of the Chief Medical Officer

Reinhard, Susan, Senior Vice President for Public Policy and the Director of the PPI

Reinhardt, Uwe, James Madison Professor of Political Economy

    Princeton University, (609) 258-4781

Reischauer, Robert, Institute Fellow, President Emeritus

    Urban Institute, (202) 833-7200

Ricciardi, Lygeia, Director, Office of Consumer eHealth

Riley, Trish, Visiting Fellow and Lecturer in State Health Policy

    George Washington University

Rimkunas, Richard, Deputy Assistant Director

Rios, Elena, President

Rivlin, Alice, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies

Roades, Chas, Chief Research Officer

Rodgers, Jack, Director

    Economic Policy Analysis Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, (202) 414-1646

Rodgers, Michael, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy

Rogers, Edwina, Vice President

Roherty, Martha, Executive Director

    National Association of States United for Aging and the Disabilities, 202-898-2578 x138,

Rosen, Dean, Partner

Rosenbaum, Sara, Chair of Department of Health Policy

    George Washington University, (202) 994-1010

Ross, David, Vice President, The Task Force for Global Health andDirector, Public Health Informatics Institute

Rother, John, President and CEO

Rowland, Diane, Executive Vice President

Rubenstein, Leonard, Executive Director

    Physicians for Human Rights, 202-728-5335 x306

Ruffin, John, Director

    National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities, National Institutes of Health, (301) 402-1366,

Salinsky, Eileen, Principal Research Associate

    National Health Policy Forum, (202) 872-0238

Salisbury, Dallas, President and CEO

Salo, Matt, Executive Director

Satel, Sally, Resident Scholar

Saving, Thomas, Director

    Private Enterprise Research Center, Texas A&M University, (979) 845-7559,

Scandlen, Greg, President and CEO

    Consumers for Health Care Choices, (301) 606-7364

Scanlon, William, Senior Policy Advisor

    Health Policy R & D, (202) 624-3975

Scheppach, Ray, Professor

Schiff, Gordon, Associate Director of the Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice

Schneider, Andy, Principal

Schoen, Cathy, Senior Vice President Research and Evaluation

Schoenbaum, Stephen, Special Advisor to the President

Scholle, Sarah, Assistant Vice President of Research and Analysis

    National Committee for Quality Assurance, (202) 955-3500

Schondelmeyer, Stephen, Director

    Prime Institute, University of Minnesota, (612) 624-9931

Schor, Edward, Senior Vice President, Programs and Partnerships

Schubert, Kristin, team Director and Senior Program Officer

Schulke, David, Executive Vice President

Schwartz, Anne, Executive Director

    Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC), (202) 350-2000

Schwartz, Roger, Legislative Counsel and Director of State Affairs

    National Association of Community Health Centers, (202) 296-0158

Scott, Elsie, President and CEO

    Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, (202) 263-2800

Selby, Joe, executive director

Seltzer, Marsha Mailick, Director and Professor

    Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin- Madison, (608) 263-5940

Share, David, Senior Vice President for Value Partnerships

Shea, Gerry, Assistant to the President

Shearer, Gail, Senior Advisor

Sheils, John, Vice President

    The Lewin Group, (703) 269-5610

Shell, Donald, director, Cancer and Chronic Disease Bureau, Prevention and Health Promotion Administration

Shelton, Hilary, National Health Director

    NAACP Division of Health Advocacy, (410) 580-5672

Shern, David, President and CEO

    Mental Health America, (703) 684-7722

Short, Pamela Farley, Professor and Director

    Center for Health Care and Policy Research, Penn State University, (814) 863-8786

Siegel, Bruce, Chief Executive Officer

    America’s Essential Hospitals, (202) 585-0100

Simmons, Maisha, program officer

Sitting, Dean, Professor, School of Biomedical Informatics

Skinner, Jonathan, Professor of Economics

Smith, Cheryl, Director

    Leavitt Partners, (801) 538-5082

Smith, Mark, (No longer) President and CEO

    California HealthCare Foundation

Smith, Rick, Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategic Communications

    PhRMA, (202) 835-3400

Smith, Vernon, Principal

    Health Management Associates, (517) 482-9236

Solomon, Judith, Senior Fellow

Somers, Stephen, President

Sorian, Richard, Senior Vice President, Partner

    FleishmanHillard, (202) 659-0330

Sperling, Andrew, Director of legislative affairs

Spitalnic, Paull, Chief Actuary

Steele, Glenn, President and CEO

Stein, Judith, Executive Director

Steinberg, Marc, Deputy Director, Health Policy

Stocker, Mike, Chief Executive Officer

    Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, (212) 476-1000

Stone, Robyn, VP of Research and Executive Director of the Center for Applied Research

Stotland, Nada L., President

    American Psychiatric Association, (703) 907-8640

Sturgeon, Jodi, President

Suh, Dong, Policy and Planning Director

    Asian Health Services, 510-986-6830 x262

Sulick, Brenda, Senior Policy Advisor

    National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, (202) 216-8468

Sundwall, David, Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor

Takach, Mary, senior program director

Tallon, James, President

Tanenbaum, Sandra, Associate Professor

    School of Public Health, Ohio State University, (614) 292-6813

Tang, Paul, Vice President and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Tarini, Paul, Senior Program Officer

Tavenner, Marilyn, Administrator

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, (410) 786-3151

Taylor, Humphrey, Chairman of the Harris Poll

    Harris Interactive, (212) 539-9657

Taylor, Patricia, Executive Director

Tennant, Robert, senior policy advisor for government affairs

Thomas, Daniel, CEO

Thomas, Sarah, Vice President for Public Policy and Communications

    National Committee for Quality Assurance, (202) 955-1700

Thompson, Joe, Surgeon General

Thornton, Jeanette, Vice President, Health IT Strategies

Thorpe, Ken, Professor and Chair, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University; Executive Director, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease Advisory Board

    Emory University; Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease Advisory Board, (404) 727-3373,

Titus, Frank, Assistant Director for Insurance Services

    Office of Personnel Management, (202) 606-0745

Toews, James, Senior Advisor

    Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services, (503) 945-6478,

Tomar, Barbara, federal affairs director

Trautwein, Janet, Executive Vice President and CEO

    National Association of Health Underwriters, (703) 276-3806

Trueman, Laura, Executive Director

    Coalition for Affordable Health Coverage, (202) 626-8573

Tuckson, Reed, Managing Director

Tumlinson, Anne, Senior Vice President

Turner, Grace-Marie, President

    Galen Institute, (703) 299-8900

Turnock, Bernard J., Clinical Professor

    Community Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, (312) 413-0107

Tyson, Bernard, Senior Vice President

Umbdenstock, Rich, President and CEO

    American Hospital Association, (202) 626-4628

VandeWater, Paul, Senior Fellow

Vaughn, Becky, CEO

Vistnes, Jessica, Economist

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (301) 427-1671

Vladeck, Bruce, Senior Advisor

Volkow, Nora, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse

    Department of Health and Human Services, (301) 443-6480

Wakefield, Mary, HRSA Administrator

Walker, Edwin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aging

Walker, Johnny, CEO

    Patient Safety Institute, (214) 927-6309

Want, Jay, chief medical officer

Waxman, Judy, Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights

Weil, Alan, Editor in Chief

    Health Affairs

Weinstein, James M., Director

Weiss, Anne, team director and senior program officer

Weisz, John, President

Wennberg, Jack, Professor of Community and Family Medicine

    Dartmouth Medical School, (603) 650-5000

Westmoreland, Tim, Visiting Professor of Law

Wiener, Josh, Senior Fellow & Program Director

    Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Care - RTI International, (202) 728-2094,

Wilensky, Gail, Senior Fellow

Williams, Claudia, Director of the State Health Information Exchange Program

Williams, David R., Florence Sprague Norman & Laura Smart Norman Professor of Public Health, professor of African and African American studies and of sociology

Wilson, Joy Johnson, Health Policy Director

Wood, April, Senior Associate for Disaster Health Services

    American Red Cross, (202) 303-8613

Woodcock, Cynthia, Executive Director

Wooldridge, Judith, Senior Vice President

    Mathematica Policy Research, (609) 275-2370

Woolf, Steven, Director, VCU Center on Society and Health

Woolhandler, Steffie, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine

Worzala, Chantal

Yallowitz, Wendy, senior program officer

Youdelman, Mara, Staff Attorney

Young, Gretchen, senior vice president for health policy

Zambrana, Ruth, Professor and Graduate Director in Women's Studies

    University of Maryland, (301) 405-0451

Zuckerman, Steve, Senior Fellow

    Urban Institute, (202) 833-7200


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