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Briefing Detail Page

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Investing in a Healthier America: The Role of Social Determinants

Monday, December 12, 2016

The financing of medical care is typically siloed from investments in housing, nutrition, criminal justice, and other social supports, even though all of these factors affect health outcomes and life expectancy. When allocating public dollars, policymakers need to know what investments can have the greatest impact on the health of individuals. This briefing examined the challenges of aligning or combining funding sources to achieve better health outcomes, how analysts can prove value in such ventures, and the role of health care professionals in caring for patients who have both medical and non-medical needs.

Lauren A. Taylor, Harvard Business School

David Fukuzawa, The Kresge Foundation

Sameera Fazili, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Stuart Butler, The Brookings Institution

Marilyn Serafini of the Alliance for Health Reform moderated the discussion.

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The Alliance for Health Reform gratefully acknowledges the support of Ascension for this event.

Transcript, Event Summary and/or Webcast and Podcast

Transcript: Transcript (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 12/12/2016
Full Webcast/Podcast: Full Video on YouTube

Speaker Presentations

Lauren A. Taylor Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 12/12/2016
David Fukuzawa Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 12/12/2016

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Source Materials

Agenda (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/12/2016
Speaker Biographies (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/12/2016
Source List (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/12/2016
Materials List (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/12/2016
Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting Health and Health Equity (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 11/4/2015
Defining the Health Care System's Role in Addressing Social Determinants and Population Health (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 11/17/2016
Helping Ex-Inmates Stay Out of the ER Brings Multiple Benefits (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/5/2016
Hospitals and Schools as Hubs for Building Healthy Communities (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 12/5/2016
Hospitals as Community Hubs: Integrating Community Benefit Spending, Community Health Needs Assessment, and Community Health Improvement (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 3/1/2016
Social Spending, Not Medical Spending, is Key to Health (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 7/13/2016

Offsite Materials (briefing documents saved on other websites)

Addressing Patients' Social Needs: An Emerging Business Case for Provider Investment (Adobe Acrobat PDF),Manatt Health Solutions & The Commonwealth Fund, 5/1/2014
Braiding and Blending Funding Streams to Meet the Health-Related Social Needs of Low-Income Persons: Considerations for State Health Policymakers (Adobe Acrobat PDF),National Academy for State Health Policy, 2/1/2016
Health Beyond Health Care: Opportunities to Improve Health by Addressing Social Determinants, Georgians for a Healthy Future, 11/15/2016
Housing, Transportation, and Food: How ACOs Seek to Improve Population Health by Addressing Nonmedical Needs of Patients, Health Affairs Blog, 11/1/2016
Intermediaries in Integrated Approaches to Health and Economic Mobility (Adobe Acrobat PDF),The Brookings Institution, 11/1/2015
Mapping Life Expectancy, Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health, 9/26/2016
Modifying Hospital Community Benefit Tax Policy: Easing Regulation, Advancing Population Health, Health Affairs Blog, 12/1/2016
School-Centered Approaches to Improve Community Health: Lessons from School-Based Health Centers (Adobe Acrobat PDF),The Brookings Institution, 7/13/2016
Using Intermediaries to Improve Health, The Brookings Institution, 6/15/2016
Using Medicaid Resources to Pay for Health-Related Supportive Services: Early Lessons, Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., 12/1/2015
Using Social Determinants of Health Data to Improve Health Care and Health: A Learning Report, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 5/2/2016


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